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Meet Rick Graphite Freak

rick99.95% pure!
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Kickass, Zero-Emission Graphite to Drive Your Business

Looking for natural flake graphite or battery-grade material? We’ve #GotGraf and we’ll tailor our product to your liking, from +50 mesh to -150 mesh and as high as 99.95% pure.

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"Graphite is the underdog of the battery minerals"
- RICK, graphite freak

A Green, Forward-Looking Investment that Taps into the electric rEVolution

We’re developing a world-class graphite deposit in a sustainable and ethically responsible manner, not to mention we’ll be all-electric! Want to own a piece of that genius business model? Find us on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV: NOU), OTC Markets (OTCQX: NMGRF) and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: NM9).

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“What do pencils, cellphones, electric cars and fire-retardant materials have in common? They’re most certainly useful. And BTW, they all contain graphite. Duh!”
- RICK, graphite freak

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“Still working on spreadable graphite to enjoy on morning toasts… coming soon...”
- RICK, graphite freak